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Pivotop Accounting Services is a high-quality CPA firm in Cobourg that provides bookkeeping services for small to medium sized businesses. Bookkeeping is a crucial role in any business’s operations and finances. It ensures that the fees, earnings from expenses are appropriately recorded so as not to overpay or undercharge for services rendered. With bookkeeping, a business can see where they are succeeding and identify any room for growth. This information is helpful in keeping track of corporate tax obligations as well. At Pivotop Accounting Services, we specialize in bookkeeping for small businesses across Canada. Learn more about the many services that are available and how they can help you grow your company!
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Bookkeeping Services

Small Business Bookkeeping Services in Cobourg

Small to medium-sized businesses have a tendency of struggling with their books when they are in different stages. We offer various bookkeeping services that will help you balance your finances and be successful!

Pivotop Accounting Services is here to suit your varying needs! We provide monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services. With the introduction of our online service for customers looking in a hands-free approach – we offer one-stop shopping on their bookkeeping needs with minimal hassle from start to finish.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Get monthly bookkeeping services to balance your books every month. This will help you stay up-to-date with all the information and prevent last-minute tax preparation, which can be overwhelming for small businesses owners!

Monthly bookkeeping involves:

  • A monthly expense report
  • Credit Card and Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Individual Credit Card Purchase
  • Transaction Records
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Maintain Vendor W-9 Information for U.S. clients
  • Collections Process
  • Tax Returns

Quarterly Bookkeeping

Pivotop Accounting Services is a great way for businesses to identify their strongest quarters and plan accordingly. The quarterly bookkeeping service helps them stay on top of things throughout the year, which will ensure you don’t miss any important information about your company’s performance in relation to revenue or expenses over time.

Your quarterly bookkeeping will involve:

  • Payroll Payments
  • Tax payments
  • Cash Flow review
  • Profit & Loss Statement

Annual Bookkeeping

Every year, businesses need to balance their books and make sure that they meet the end of year tax obligations. We at Pivotop Accounting Services can provide annual bookkeeping services in Cobourg which will help you review your company’s financial records for this purpose as well as keep track so there are no problems when it comes time to file taxes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping is the process of recording a business’s financials; this includes its earnings, expenses and taxes.

Bookkeeping and accounting both have an important role to play in any business. While bookkeepers keep track of finances, accountants use their insight into numbers as a tool for making informed suggestions about how best to manage the company financially.

Bookkeeping is essential because it helps you keep track of your financials. Bookkeepers are able to plan for their income taxes, but this also comes with a broader range of benefits that companies and owners can enjoy!

  • Identify Areas Of Success & Room For Improvement: Financial reporting is important because it helps you identify if your business is profitable, growing or shrinking. It also shows where the money goes each month and what needs to change with regard to finances for future success!
  • Smoother Financial Operations: Bookkeeping can help your business run more smoothly as you can see who owes money, and which ones owe a lot to each other. The information it provides about cash needs in the company should also make sense for tax purposes too!
  • CRA Compliance: CRA compliance is the key to your business success, and we at Pivotop Accounting Services can help make sure that you maintain it. We will not only tell which account needs attention but also when payments need to be made in order for us all of our financials documented properly!
If you are starting, running or expanding your small business please contact us. We offer bookkeeping services that will help to ensure the success of this venture by managing financials and accounting information for greater profitability.

Keeping an eye on the books for your small business is important. You need to remember that there’s more than just profit and loss when it comes to running a company, so we’re here with Pivotop Accounting Services – contact us today!

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