Small Business Accounting in Northumberland County

At Pivotop Accounting Services, we provide business accounting services in Cobourg and surrounding areas to help small and medium-sized businesses grow. Our team of experts can assist with tax returns preparation for individuals who are self employed or running their own corporations as well as track financials like revenues by month so it’s easier than ever before! Creating a small business is difficult enough without adding taxes, paperwork and responsibilities to the mix. To help businesses streamline their financial practices so they can fulfill all corporate tax obligations in Cobourg, our team offers expert-level accounting services that will leave you feeling more organized than ever before! Pivotop Accounting Services will put your mind at ease while you focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business. We are CPAs and certified accountants in Cobourg who pride ourselves on our extensive experience working for businesses ranging from start-ups to large corporations, including Fortune 500 companies! Get the competitive edge with small business accounting services from Pivotop Accounting Services today.
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Business Accounting Services in Toronto

Accounting Services For Small Businesses

At Pivotop Accounting Services, we offer a full spectrum of business administration-accounting services to help companies in Toronto.

We are committed to helping medium-sized and small businesses in Canada plan, maintain their financial obligations.

Our small business accountants are here to help you manage your company’s finances. We can handle everything from taxes, bookkeeping and payroll management all the way down to financial planning for new ventures or expansion into international markets!

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The Experienced Business Accounting Specialists

Pivotop Accounting Services is a business accounting firm with plenty of experience in Cobourg. The team knows what it takes to manage smaller businesses and can provide valuable guidance for your company’s needs – no matter how unique they may be!

We help businesses make sense of their finances with our professional and personalized service. We are also offering this online, so you don’t even need an office!

Many small business owners wear multiple hats and have minimal time to consider financial nuances. This is why it’s so important for them, as well as their employees who may not be financially savvy enough without professional accounting services, that streamline the process with one set of eyes on operations & growth day by day-to-day basis – That way everyone can focus where they need attention most (which could even mean less stress!)

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Notice to Reader Financial Statement Preparation

Pivotop Accounting Services has the knowledge and expertise to prepare your private or public company for international investors. With our experience, we can provide you with a Notice to Reader financial statement that complies with IFRS standards so it’s accurately portrayed in all aspects of accounting recognition throughout North America including Canada where there are stronger requirements than other countries surrounding us like Europe which follows ASPE guidelines instead.

A Notice to Reader statement includes the following essential business information and financial data:

  • An income statement
  • A balance sheet
  • A cash flow statement
  • A statement of retained earnings

A Notice to Reader report must include mention of the assignment’s limitations and caution to readers. These notices are not audited, prepared by CPA professionals, but outline the work’s purpose in detail so as not to mislead anyone who may think they can ignore these instructions if it isn’t written up properly.

Uses Of a Notice To Reader

A Notice to Reader statement is a legal document that provides essential financial information. The kind of report you can use it for include:

Bank Financing

The bank will typically require that the business provide a Notice to Reader financial statement when applying for credit. This is an important step in determining whether or not you are worthy of their money and time, as it allows them access to your financials.

For Investors

A small business will present a Notice to Reader financial statement to investors displaying their current and potential financials.

A typical notice is designed for smaller organizations that lack physical assets, so this form of documentation can suffice in most cases with little effort on behalf of the company president or CEO.

Selling a Business

A business is always in a position to present their Notice to Reader financial statement when they are trying to sell themselves or look into merging with another company. The document helps outline your financials so that an interested party can get more information about what you have for sale before committing time and money to develop contracts together.

Yearly Reporting

The information in this report will be invaluable for any company with formal financial reporting needs.
This report can help you keep track of your finances and prepare annual statements to submit, even if at first glance it does not seem necessary!

Accounting System Setup for New Business

If your new business doesn’t have an accounting system set up to manage and record finances, we will set one up for you. Tangs Accounting Services sets up your accounting system to ensure you have the tools and resources you need for future business accounting purposes. Your accounting system set up will include:

  • Set up of the physical system
  • Establishing business bank accounts
  • Division of personal & business systems
  • Records of invoices & receipts
  • Introduction of tax obligations
  • Payment collection systems
  • Payroll set up
  • Prediction of future expenses


At Pivotop Accounting Services, we specialize in helping small businesses understand their finances and stay organized. To do this properly requires more than just some old-fashioned bookkeeping; our team provides monthly, quarterly or annual services that are tailored for your needs as an entrepreneur!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business accounting is the backbone of any company and it can be difficult to keep up with everything. If you’re in charge, it’s your job not only to account for how much revenue or profits occur during certain periods but also to analyze these numbers so that future plans aren’t too far off from what has been achieved now!

Setting up your small business accounting system is a complicated process. You need paperwork and government documentation to get started, but don’t worry! Pivotop Accounting Services has got you covered with their professional services that will set everything up for success in no time at all.
Business financial statements are a vital part of any company’s operations. These documents allow for the recording and interpretation of what has been happening in your business, which can be helpful when making strategic decisions about where you go from here or how we plan our budgeting process next year!

Financial statements are the building blocks of your company’s financial health. The order in which you prepare them is crucial because each statement has information that directly leads to the following one, so it must be prepared correctly for all future endeavours!

The correct order is:

  1. Income Statement: Your income statement outlines your business’s expenses and revenues.
  2. Statement of Retained Earnings: Retained earnings are based on your net profit / net loss from your income statement. This will dictate how much, if necessary, you will need to payout.
  3. Balance Sheet: A balance sheet is a list of your equity, liabilities, and assets. The latter should equal the total of your equity and liabilities.
  4. Cash Flow Statement: Your cash flow statement reflects how cash flow has changed in the accounting period concerning your revenue, expense, asset, liability, and equity accounts.

A company’s management team must prepare its financial statements under a professional business accountant’s guidance. The preparation process is essential for small and medium-sized businesses, as it provides an accounting that can help them stay profitable in the long run by ensuring their numbers add up correctly each month (or quarter).

A business will have three types of statements to report on in order: Audited financial statements, Accountant-reviewed documents and the Notice To Reader.

  • Audited Financial Statements: These statements require the most involvement from an accountant as they must go through various tests to ensure that all reported assets and debts are accurate. A business will have its statement reviewed by a qualified professional who can assess its quality of treatment, with some being more trustworthy than others depending on what type of industry you’re in.
  • Accountant-Reviewed Financial Statements: The statements in this document are meant to be “plausible.” That means that the information is likely accurate. For these reasons, it will go through less testing than non-tested statements would receive from an accountant or auditor reviewing them for accuracy.
  • Notice-To-Reader: These statements are not reviewed or tested; they’re just a compilation of the financial data that a company provides.
A notice-to-reader statement is an accounting document that must be prepared in accordance with the standards set by each province by Chartered Accountant or CPA practicing through a CPA firm. In Canada, most provinces require these statements to utilize information provided from your company’s management when they are issued through a CPA firm.

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