Small Business Consulting in Northumberland County

Pivotop Accounting Services is a professional business accountant firm in Cobourg that specializes in small-business accounting services. Establishing and running your own company requires patience, so Pivotop helps you with the strategy to make sure it’s successful!

If you’re a small or medium-sized business, then we’ve got the experience to help with everything from bookkeeping and taxation all the way up through mergers. Our accountants have access not only to industry-specific knowledge but also to Fortune 500 resources that can be used by any size enterprise!

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Small Business Consulting Services

With our business consulting services, we can help you create a plan that will lead your company to success.

Our experts specialize in various industries and sectors of the economy so there’s no industry or market left out for us! We make sure every client gets individualized attention from start to finish with personalized solutions tailored specifically around their needs–from big picture strategies all the way down into small details like marketing strategies and branding opportunities.

Learn about our business consulting services for small businesses.

New Business Setup

Pivotop Accounting Services will set up your business with the Government of Canada, WSIB and any other organization that makes sense for you. We help legitimize a company’s worth by ensuring they have access to resources like licenses or tax forms so it can operate more effectively in an ever-changing market environment without issue!

Business Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes time to make a strategic business decision, Pivotop Accounting Services has your back. We offer mergers and acquisitions services that will help you grow and expand by merging with or acquiring the right company for yourself – we’ll negotiate on behalf of our clients in order to put together an acquisition package that meets all their needs.

Business Plan

Most successful small businesses are the result of a strategic and well-thought-out plan. We work with you to create your own strategic business blueprint, starting from scratch or adapting an existing one in order for it to be most effective for what is needed now at this point – whether that’s establishing goals over short-term or long-term periods. Having such detailed documentation ensures new ventures can reach their full potential by following through on all steps necessary; not just taking some random ones without thinking things through too carefully first might lead us down paths where success becomes elusive rather than inevitable.

Pivotop accounting services are also here to help you with your business loan application. We can write that perfect plan and secure the cash flow necessary for success!

Business Valuations

A professional and objective business valuation is a necessary component of many transactions, including the purchase or sale of businesses. We understand the importance that you place on accurate valuations so our experienced team can provide you with an estimated value for your company’s assets as well as its goodwill quality rating before deciding how much to offer in negotiations.

Purchase & Sale of Business

A successful business sale starts with a well-planned strategy. If you’re buying or selling, the professionals at Pivotop Accounting Services have your back! We’ll execute all aspects of transactions including valuation analysis and tax minimization planning so that nothing falls through the cracks.

More Business Consulting Services

  • Accounting software selection and implementation,
  • Business valuations
  • Buying/selling a business
  • Business process improvement
  • Computer systems
  • Financial & retirement planning
  • Estate planning
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Frequently Asked Questions

Business consulting is a service that helps businesses analyze and improve their effectiveness. Business consultants will work with you to develop solutions for short-term goals, as well as long-term ones like setting up an effective plan of attack on how your company can reach its ultimate goal by following this kind of guidance from experts in the field.

It can be difficult to keep up with the legal requirements of operating a business, especially when you’re new. A professional consultant will help your company avoid pitfalls and establish its legitimacy from day one by providing guidance on infrastructure that is essential for any successful enterprise in today’s world – like intellectual property licensing or tax planning.

It takes more than talent alone; entrepreneurs must also understand how these issues impact them financially if they hope their venture will succeed long-term.

A business consultant at Pivotop Accounting Services will help you with the pricing and requirements for your specific account. Contact them to get quote today!

Lakatos Business Services is now Pivotop Accounting Services

Hi, we’ve changed our name but you can still expect the same great services from us at Pivotop Accounting Services.