Small Business Payroll in Northumberland County

Pivotop Accounting Services provides payroll services for small businesses. We ensure that your business is in compliance with all necessary regulations and best practices, which saves you time during tax season!

We help small and medium-sized businesses streamline payment processes with a payroll system. Our systems are designed for ease of use, while also providing accurate tax tracking so you can get your money on time!

Pivotop Accounting Services is an accounting company in Cobourg that helps your businesses set up, maintain and use our payroll system.

Businesses of all sizes and in every industry need a payroll system to pay their employees, but this can be complicated. At Pivotop Accounting Services we help you throughout the entire process so that your business runs smoothly while complying with tax laws!

The first step in establishing a payroll system is to register your business with the appropriate government agency. Once registered, you can then set up and integrate third-party software that will allow for tracking employee hours as well as providing tax deductions or obligations associated with running an organization’s finances – all while saving time on tedious paperwork!

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Small Business Payroll Services

A payroll is a legal requirement in Canada. It’s important for businesses that pay salaries, wages and tips to have an up-to-date tax program so you can make your source deduction to Canada Revenue Agency properly and on time.

Pivotop Accounting Services provides a full spectrum of payroll services. We help businesses through every stage, from the initial setup to issuing employees and tracking deductions in Cobourg or any part of Canada we serve!

Payroll Account Registration

The Canada Revenue Agency requires that all businesses register payroll accounts before they begin making payroll to their employees.

Pivotop Accounting Services can help you complete your payroll registration, which means the government has an accurate list of employees and how much money was taken in by each person for tax purposes this year!

With our services at hand-in compliance with both federal regulations as well as Ontario’s provincial legislation – there are no worries about getting caught breaking any rules or laws while doing so because we’re experts who know what needs to be done every step along the way towards success.

To set up your payroll, we will:

  1. Register your payroll account number in the CRA
  2. Register with the Ontario Ministry of Finance for Employer Health Tax remittance if your business does not meet the tax exemption requirement
  3. Register with the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board within 10 days of making your first hire

Payroll Deduction Remittance

When you have a business that pays employees, it is important to account for payroll deduction fees.

A payroll Deduction takes money out of an employee’s gross wage to pay for services or programs provided by the government and leaves them with net wages after these deductions are made which can be seen on your official earnings statement at Pivotop Accounting Services.

Pivotop Accounting Services provides personalized service in ensuring correct amounts get logged onto tax forms so they know how much more information will need when preparing returns.

T4 (T4A) & T4 (T4A) Summary Issuance

The T4A form, which is known as the Statement of Pension and Retirement Income for Business Owners or Employees requires employers to report their income.

It is important to be compliant with the Canadian tax code, and Pivotop Accounting Services can help you submit your T4A slips for business owners in Cobourg!

Businesses that have employees in Canada are required to fill out a separate T4A Summary for each of their payroll accounts. The slip and summary can then be filed with the CRA, which will reflect how much has been withheld from an employee’s earnings so far this year or last fiscal one depending on when you file your taxes online/by mail.

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WSIB Service

With Pivotop Accounting Services, you can rest assured that your company is in compliance with all workplace insurance regulations. They will guide and assist businesses through the registration process for Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB).

Pivotop Accounting Services will register your business with the WSIB in Cobourg. Most Ontario businesses are required to do so, and you can rest assured that by registering early on we’ll be able to provide workplace insurance coverage for both employees AND clients as well as access our expert team members should anything happen at work or elsewhere!

Pivotop Accounting Services helps businesses with the WSIB. We make sure they calculate premiums, report and pay their remittance on time, as well as file any claims for medical treatment of injured employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll is the system that automatically issues funds to an account, either pre-paid or postdated for future use. Employees then receive their earned payment at some point in time once it has been disbursed by payroll — just like any other bank transfer!

To register your business with the CRA, you will need to have an account number that they can use when making payroll identifiable.

If you run a business that needs to pay its employees, then payroll is essential. Without it, payments can be delayed or even lost entirely! Not only does this lead to headaches for management and delays in receiving funds from the government as well as potential infractions with tax authorities but also loss of productivity among those being compensated. Payrolls have become very complicated over time because there are so many things involved such as calculations based on tips (which may not always apply) bonuses awarded at year end versus pro-rated amounts paid monthly; depending if company made profit last fiscal period etc.

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